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British Wheelchair Basketball League – Sports report    12/1/2019 The Bears 2 travelled to Thames Valley to take on the only other team in their division to not yet be beaten this season, in what appeared to be the battle between this seasons top teams. Division 2 South Thames Valley Kings: 61 Bears 2: 56 From the tip-off, the Kings were determined to put an early stamp on the game and show why they had so far gone unbeaten in the season.  With the success of their forward Reece Barker, the Kings were able to build an early lead which would

British Wheelchair Basketball League – Sports report    6/1/2019 The Bears started the year on a high as both Bears 2 and 3 played out their 2019 inaugural fixtures to two impressive wins.  Bears 2 were up against Aces 2 for the first time this season and Bears 3 welcomed Cobras 2 to the Bears home following a narrow win against the side before the Christmas break.   Division 2 South Bears 2: 63 Sussex Bears: 25   The Bears got off to a great start, running up an early lead with Coach Peasley leading the charge to the opposing basket.

Third Division Central   Stoke Spitfires: 26 Bears 3: 47   Bears 3 continued their winning ways on the road this week, with a fantastic win in Sunday’s game against Stoke Spitfires that brought the 2018 portion of the league to a positive close. The first quarter was a close game, however the defensive intensity of Bears coming out on top while Aaron Grant was able to find the net and put the Bears in an early lead at the end of the quarter. Spitfires: 7 – 12 Bears 3. The second quarter saw the Bears’ defence tighten its hold

Third Division Central Leicester Cobras 2: 46 Bears 3: 49 Bears 3 returned to winning ways when they took the victory in a hard fought game against Leicester Cobras 2.  With the Bears falling behind until the final minutes, the Bears had to scrap out a hard fought win. The first quarter was a close affair with the defensive intensity matched by both teams. The scores were kept low for both teams, ending the quarter Cobras 2 10 – 6 Bears 3. The second quarter was again a tight affair with no team able to establish dominance, a touch offensive